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Hello, my name is Stephanie Butler

I am the owner and designer at Classy Butterfly Gifts.

It’s Me: I have always been a sort of DIY-er/ crafty person. I would make or repurpose items for personal use or upon request from close family and friends. After a series of life changing events, in a short period of time, I needed a way to decompress from my daily life and work.

Daily Life: I am a Christian African American wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt. This is life. The duties and responsibilities affiliated with my roles I strive to meet. I am far from perfect but have the desire to love and serve those around me.  

Work: One of the many life events was my completion of grad school and beginning work as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor-Deafblind Specialist. As you can imagine this occupation can be very consuming and heavy but at the same time so rewarding. A mantra that was repeated in school was “every counselor need a counselor.” This statement is so accurate therefore having an outlet was crucial. Yes, I went to counseling and will go back as often as I need it. However I still needed something more to distract my mind.

The beginning: I started making items for my family and friends. Everything I made they loved. Even with flaws and all. The more I experimented and attempted to make the more they requested. This essentially led to challenging me to try my hand at different areas of crafting. Overtime and at the strong urging of my family, Classy Butterfly was born February 2020.

Now: After experimenting and trying so many ways to craft and produce works of art, I discovered I really love paper crafts. Creating 3D items such as purses, bags, and boxes. I also love creating stationery items such as notebooks, greeting cards, or accessories. Novelty items that are African American and Christian themed. I consider my shop to be an all-inclusive gift shop with a variety of products for any occasion. Each item is handmade with careful thought to design, colors, hardware, and embellishments. I also aim to offer unique packaging to remove the hassle of gift giving. Also, most items are made to be durable and reusable.


Future: I love to craft, and this is truly one of my happy places. I love thinking of ways to create or enhance items. Seeing people genuinely enjoying something I made with my hands. I love hearing how something I created has impacted someone's life. This serves as confirmation to me that what I'm doing is truly a ministry and reaching the masses one piece of paper at a time.

I will continue to do my best to offer new, unique, and quality products for gifting or keeping.

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